We combine content,
and performance
into a single digital strategy
for your brand
Since 2013, we understand the mobile-first world better than others:
We know which advertising sources work
Taking into account the role of social networks in the user path
We consider cross-channel and cross-device attribution
Turning online visitors into real buyerse
What is
digital strategy
Finding your audience
(for example, men, 30+, Moscow)
We show content to the target audience
Collecting link clicks, views, readings
We form a new audience and create a "look-alike" for it
We connect performance tools: retargeting, contextual advertising
We fix targeted actions, calculate ROI
We design interaction chains to reach users, from the very first contact with the brand, garnering of the interest, and to the purchase.

We take into account the fact that users see ads on different sites and devices (mobile / web) and we attribute all conversions.
As a result
Relevant reach
and "warmed up" audience
Cross-device conversions from different devices
Optimizing CPI, CPA and CPM
Counting post-view, post-click and offline attribution
All analytics, including ROI for content and bloggers
What stages does the work consist of
Coming up with
communication strategies
with users
content to build knowledge
about your brand
Looking for
relevant target audiences,
using social media targeting
and customer data
We launch
advertising campaigns using
social networks, programmatic and content
We motivate
to make a purchase after a few
touches with the user
We measure
coverage, online applications, calls, leads,
registration, purchase
We make content that works
Articles in the media
Affiliate materials: reviews, interesting facts, life hacks, personal experience
Placements with bloggers
Product placement, video and photo posts, contests, stories, recommendations
Our cases
Strategy for BurgerMania
The main goal of the BurgerMania campaign to connect with target audience and attract new users to the Burger King mobile app. Our team engage and educate users through influencers, expand the relevant audience using look-a-likes, and encourage them to install and participate in promotions using retargeting.
Strategy for Delimobil
The main goal of this marketing campaign is to encourage users to install the Delimobil's mobile application. The digital strategy consists of providing an additional connection with the audience through educational articles about carsharing published in the media, for example, on lifehacker.ru. We use retargeting to motivate the app installations
Let's work together!
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CEO Mobio
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Head of Commercial
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