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There are three qualities that we particularly appreciate in our employees:

Decency. Respect for colleagues is the foundation of our corporate culture.

Independence. Nobody is forced to work, everyone in the company is responsible for achieving the result. All together we strive to be as effective as possible.

Proactivity. Historically, Mobio has always been enthusiastic about innovations. However, innovations could be achieved only by passionate professionals devoted to their projects. Innovations are created by those who are in constant search for creative solutions and promising tendencies in the market.

Sergey Konovalov
Founder & CEO, Mobio
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When we launched the startup, hardly anybody took mobile technologies seriously. But nowadays international Mobile AdTech is a market for hundreds of billions of dollars. Mobio is striving to be a remarkable player in this market.

We are young, full of energy and eager to change this world. Bureaucracy is replaced by debugged processes and by the responsibility for the result. In our free time, we learn, educate and work on productivity.
We are no longer an agency. Mobio is a technological company with an in-house RnD-team and many of our own technological developments, which allow to multiply the company's achievements
year after year.

Our office is located in Moscow, in contemporary B + class business center near Dmitrovskaya metro station. All employees are provided with the necessary equipment (laptop, mobile communication, etc.) and infrastructure for enjoyable work.
English classes are organised for everyone who wants to learn the language. Once a week we have a morning yoga class. Additional education, such as courses, are fully or partially paid for by the company.
Career and development
Participate in conferences, write articles, provide your expert comments to the media and become more productive and famous in team Mobio. If you aspire to growth, the company will strongly support any initiative.
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