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We help businesses grow by leveraging the power of their mobile apps. Since 2013, we understand the mobile world better than others and find users where they are most active.
Our mission
Since 2020, Mobio is part of the global Vox Valor Capital group headquartered in London.
Our mission is to help your business grow using the full power of mobile devices and modern advertising technologies.
We build a business like you
We are young and ambitious just like you
We are data driven
We understand you!
To become a global company
Do more than expected from you
Every day in every little action we try to be better - a little better than yesterday. Slightly better presentation, 3% higher CR, a little faster to respond to the client. These small daily efforts lead us to great global success.
Take responsibility
The Mobio employee takes responsibility for his decisions, plans, results, mistakes and successes. Each employee has a different area of responsibility, but there is always one. It does not happen that an employee is not responsible for anything. We always know our area of responsibility and love to be responsible for it.
If you do not have a work plan that you took responsibility for, then you are not yet part of the Mobio team. If you cannot plan your work or sabotage plans, then you do not have enough qualifications for this position. The level of responsibility you take determines the level of your qualifications and income.
Suggest solutions
Mobio does not recognize problems in their purest form. Problems are inextricably linked to opportunities and solutions. That is why the spirit of Mobio is always to offer solutions along with the description of the problem. We are not just discussing a problem, we are discussing a way to deal with it. The solutions can be good, stupid, effective, or not very good - none of this matters.
It is important to be focused on the solution, and not on endless reflection. You thought about the decision in advance and are ready to take responsibility for it - then you are on the way with Mobio.
Automation before hiring
The team is a key asset for us. But we know that the team is the most difficult parameter to scale. Small, mobile and mega-efficient teams like Instagram and Telegram are examples to follow. A mega-efficient team is about Mobio. We do not strive to grow quantitatively (in people), we grow qualitatively (in processes, automation, expertise, etc.)
Direct feedback
Being as direct as possible is a must in Mobio. The speed of development is an important factor for us. We see no value in meaning hiding, manipulation, and complex phrases. This does not mean that you have to be rude, but everything should be laconic and to the point. Summarize, formulate, ask directly, do not be afraid to be open and straightforward.
Comprehensive optimization
The interests of the team come first. We know for sure that when you help the whole team at the expense of your personal interest, then over time you will get much more.
We are attentive to detail and micro-level perfectionists. But at the macro (strategic) level, we are optimists, we do not try to foresee everything, because this is impossible.
Mobio Management
Contact us at any time. Join us. Work with us. Be friends with us. Because we are Mobio!
We strongly believe in an individual approach to each of our partners. This business ideology allows us to closely and successfully cooperate with leading brands in the market such as Aliexpress, Beeline, Burger King, Leroy Merlin, Okko, IGG and many others.

We have been providing the best mobile apps and games promotion services for over 8 years. User Acquisition, retargeting, ASO and production performance creatives.
We strive to acquire and invest in technology companies where we can support founders, add business value and accelerate the growth of our portfolio companies.

An investor with over 20 years of experience in all aspects of cross-border transactions, mergers and acquisitions in a wide variety of sectors, including major investments in start-ups and early stage enterprises, as well as cash flow financing. Founder and Director of the Triple Dragon UK Foundation.
Serial entrepreneur with experience in game and mobile app development, marketing technologies. Implemented projects for business restructuring, reverse IPO, re-listing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).
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Sergey Konovalov
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