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We are interested in analytical services,
services for automating work with creatives
Everything you need to track the dynamics of keywords and monitor the activity of competitors in the markets
A tool for comprehensive analysis of applications by various parameters
ASO Desk
A financial company that specializes in funding games, apps, game publishers and (mobile) ad networks
Triple Dragon
Mobio is a verified mobile marketing agency by the DesignRush marketplace
Mobile measurement partners
Data is one of the most important tools at a mobile marketer's disposal, which is why teaming up with a Mobile Measurement Partner is an absolute-must. Having a third-party platform to ingest, standardize, and aggregate data fosters trust between mobile publishers and advertising partners and gives marketers the information they need to succeed.

This guide compiles all the information you need to decide which MMP is right for you.
Advertising networks and publishers
- Is a leading mobile discovery platform, helping over 750M users discover the most relevant apps they need specifically when they intend to use them
– An international leader in the native advertising market that drives revenue growth for all members of the advertising ecosystem
- Programmatic platform with its own development stack and experienced team
- As the leading game development platform, Unity has unique behavioral insights, premium advertising inventory, and self-service tools to help you grow your app or game.
- Leaders of mobile advertising and app monetization
- Chartboost unified advertising platform offers mobile app marketers premium inventory, global scale, audience based targeting, and an expert team to run successful advertising campaigns.
- Is the market standard for creating rich device experiences that engage and retain customers. With a powerful set of solutions, Aura enables complete digital transformation, letting operators promote key services outside the store, directly on-device.
- Is a Chinese multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products and artificial intelligence
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