Earn more by returning users who already have your mobile app installed.

Mobile retargeting

Formation of an individual banner for each user, depending on his behavior
Dynamic banners
Advanced technologies for in-depth analysis and processing of user data
Working with data
Own platform for buying traffic, specially tailored for retargeting in mobile applications
Unique technology
Getloyal is the first automated retargeting system for mobile applications in Russia. With the help of advanced data analysis and processing technologies, the system itself selects the most valuable users and shows them a suitable offer
How does this work
Advanced technologies for in-depth analysis and processing of user data
In real time, we determine which banner to show to the user and how much to pay for it
We process millions of events taking place in the mobile application
The realities of mobile retargeting
Overview of changes in mobile attribution for iOS 14.5+ devices
Mobile retargeting for our clients
Retargeting has allowed for a large number of new and repeat orders and opened a new source for working with the existing user base.
As a result, the client received a large number of repeat orders at a lower price than if he attracted new users.
Delivery Club
As a result of retargeting campaigns, 40,000 returned users. The traffic quality has doubled, and the ROI in the first month was 50%.
in key sources of audiences
We will find users
Our articles and guides on mobile retargeting
In this article, we will talk about the features of setting up retargeting campaigns in mobile analytics systems: AppsFlyer, Adjust. We will also talk about work in traffic sources: Facebook, myTarget, Yandex and TikTok.
Mobile retargeting
In trackers and traffic sources
The mobile ecosystem is constantly changing and moving towards stronger data privacy policies. Another change happened with the release of iOS 14.5, where Apple's new privacy rule was applied.
Mobile retargeting
Overview of changes in mobile attribution iOS 14.5+
We automatically collect data from your tracker
Frequently Asked Questions
How does retargeting work?
Banner ads target mobile app users on the mobile web or other apps. The user clicks on the banner and goes directly to the mobile application.
With the help of retargeting, you can return users who did not reach the purchase, as well as offer something new to previously active users.
Why choose Getloyal?
Getloyal is an automated retargeting system that covers all major traffic sources and takes full responsibility for working with user data and building audiences based on it. Getloyal is integrated with the main tracking systems: AppsFlyer, Adjust, Kochava - and takes all the data directly from them.
Do you want to do in-house?
Getloyal allows you to automatically create and update audiences on different sites. Getloyal breaks down the audience into small segments and shows users more targeted ads. Creates "smart segments" to sell complementary products. Automatically updates segments every 15 minutes. Different ad formats: dynamic, semi-dynamic and static remarketing on MyTarget, Facebook and TikTok.
What are the payment models?
  • CPC (Pay Per Click);
  • CPA (pay per event);
  • Commission from the budget