For companies that develop mobile applications and games, Mobio Global USA is launching a support project.

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About the support project
Mobio Global USA, together with Startup Leadership Program, launches a business support project and offers free assistance to mobile application owners and startups with access to Worldwide markets.
If you have a mobile app and want to expand into the US or European markets, then we offer support from the Mobio team. For more than 9 years we have been successfully promoting mobile applications and games. We have a high level of expertise, and we want to help businesses in this difficult time.

Services to promote your mobile app or game
Startup Leadership Program Resident Offer
15+ slides
Market and competitor Analysis. We will prepare a detailed analysis of the market and competitors: GEO, traffic sources, installs and revenue. Data from Sensor Tower. Subscription ~$30 000/year
Soft launch
12 creatives

User Acquisition with optimization for installs and sales. We will launch 1 advertising campaign on Facebook, Google or TikTok on one platform (Android or iOS) and prepare 12 creatives.
Ad Cabinets
0% commission
Providing accounts for your team on Facebook, Google and TikTok.
0% commission for the first 2 months of work. Then from 2 percent depending on spending
Stages of the project
Filling out an application
Fill out a request for support from Mobio and we will contact you to clarify the details about the project
Application processing
The application will be considered on a first come, first served basis. We'll let you know when we can get started.
NDA signing
Before launching, we will prepare the necessary documents to guarantee the confidentiality of the project
Analysis of your market and competitors
We will analyze your market and three competitors: category analysis, growth leaders, advertising channels, top creatives, share of organic and paid traffic
Advertising campaign launch
After analyzing and drawing up a digital strategy, we will choose one of the launch platforms (Facebook, Google, TikTok), create an account, prepare 12 creatives and run a campaign for 4 weeks without an agency commission. You cover only net expenses in advertising accounts.
Results report
After 4 weeks of work, we give away all prepared materials, access to advertising cabinets and analytical reports on the work done. You can continue to work on your own or stay with us for further work :)
Check if you are ready to promote on Worldwide
I have a mobile application or a game
iOS and/or Android
I'm ready to find $3000 to spend on Facebook, Google or Tiktok
This is not a Mobio profit, this is a net expense in the advertising space. Recommended budget for Soft Launch – $5000
My company is in non-RU jurisdiction
My company is registered outside the Russian Federation.
My target markets: USA, UK, Europe, Canada
Dmitry Solopov
Head of Business Development, Mobio
We at Mobio always value our customers above all else and understand how difficult it is for business in the current realities. Therefore, together with Startup Leadership Program, we decided to create this support project specifically for residents, which, we hope, will help you enter new markets and, with our help, breathe life and users into your product ;)

Startup Leadership Program Resident Support Project

Our mission is to help your business grow using the full power of mobile devices and modern advertising technologies.

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