Why Mobio?

Leading positions in mobile marketing for 8 years
2020 г.
Top Mobile App Marketing Agencies
6th place
2020 г.
Fastest growing media source in Eastern Europe
1st place
8th place
TOP-20 agencies in the "Mobile Marketing" section
2021 г.
You are in good company
We are about mobile and performance
Focusing on core competencies in mobile marketing allows us to catch industry trends faster than others and apply them to grow your business.
We are building up our expertise in the promotion of mobile applications and games. The key regions for us are USA and Western Europe. Mobio's overseas offices are focused on Tier 1 countries.

If app marketing overlaps with web or digital 360, we involve our partners and completely close app and web marketing.
Data Driven Approach Everywhere
When you choose Mobio, first of all you choose our team.
In addition to a data driven approach to optimizing advertising campaigns, we are constantly working on the effectiveness of internal processes, we pay special attention to team development. We use international platforms for project management, communication, media planning, building a knowledge base, training and finance.
Personal approach
Integrated with major trackers
We will assemble a dashboard for your tasks and KPI
We transfer data from all traffic sources
Updating on a daily/weekly/ monthly basis
Adjusting to the client's North Star Metric (custom charts in dynamics)