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Creating Content with AI: A Critical Look at FakeYou

The number of AI-based tools available is constantly growing. With the continuous influx of new technologies, users, including marketers, designers, copywriters, executives, and business analysts, can spend many hours sifting through these tools, attempting to distinguish the valuable from the unnecessary. This process can become a time-consuming task. In this article, Mobio Group’s mobile marketing team will look at one of the AI-powered content creation services — FakeYou.

Demonstrating the complexity of operating an AI tool and the practical end result in AI services reviews will help you make an informed decision about whether a particular tool is fit for a particular purpose and goal.

Your time is valuable, and understand its value

Practical Overview of FakeYou

FakeYou is a cloud-based service that uses Deep Fake technology to create audio or video based on a tool-generated voice.

Practical Overview of FakeYou

FakeYou’s Main Features

Text-to-speech (speechTts)

FakeYou generates input text into voice format. The claimed database of votes is over 3500. The list of voices includes Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Queen Elizabeth II, Tom Cruise, Darth Vader, Mario and others. It is possible to clone any voice if you have at least 30 minutes of clean and clear audio recording of the person speaking.

The practical experience of FakeYou text:

1. Registration 

Not necessary at the initial stage, you will only need it if you download the result.

2. Voice selection

There are filters by language (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese and Turkish) and categories (cartoon, real people, etc.). When selecting a voice, the model’s rating for sound quality is displayed.

FakeYou's Main Features: ttsVoiceLabel

3. Text input  

Restricted for free use — audio is limited to 12 seconds or less.

4. Generation into voice format 

Occurs one by one. In practice takes 5-10 seconds.

5. Result

The resulting file can be saved in your personal cabinet. FakeYou offers to share it in social networks:

FakeYou's Main Features: ttsAudioLabel

On social media, it’s not the audio track that goes, but a link to, where the recording is stored. On Facebook, it will look like this on the page or in the history:

FakeYou's Main Features: history

After downloading, the audio track is saved in WAV format (a container file format for storing a recording of a digitized audio stream, a subspecies of RIFF) and can be overlaid on the video.

Deepfake voice (Morgan Freeman) — the result made as an example

Voice-to-voice (speechVc)

This tool is used to change your voice (or any other voice) to the voice of your favorite characters or popular personalities.

MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG files can be downloaded. Text to microphone recording is provided. Conversion of singing recordings is possible. 

Practical experience of FakeYou voice:

The generation algorithm is similar to speechTts — selecting a voice, uploading the original sound file and waiting for conversion. The waiting time is 2-5 minutes.

The recognizable voice of SpongeBob sounds like this:

Face Animator  

When you upload a static image (JPG, GIF, PNG formats) and an audio track (MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG formats), a lip-synchronized video is converted.

Practical experience:

The uploaded picture should only have a close-up of the face, or the image will have to be cropped in another editor. 

Celebrity ai voice generator gave an opportunity to choose Morpheus (“The Matrix”) voice. Waiting time for conversion — from 10 minutes to an hour (you can reduce the waiting time by joining the FakeYou community). The result of the work of facial animator Fake you:

Pros of AI Voice Generator Celebrity Fakeyou

  • Cost. Free AI tools — there is a free version with a limit on the length of the generated product or subscription options ($7/month, $15/month or $25/month depending on functionality). The service offers a free premium tier for users who download 10 or more text-to-speech or voice cloning models.
  • Large database of voices, including celebrities, cartoon characters, musicians, announcers and popular characters.
  • Different language options.
  • Easy to use.
  • Use from any device without the need for additional software.
  • Discord community

Cons of AI Voice Generator Celebrity Fakeyou

  • Voice quality is not always at a good level — private “swallowing” of sounds, lack of expressed voice intonations and emotions, shifting of semantic accents in long sentences.
  • The “talking head” format looks rather simplistic, mechanical and formulaic.
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