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Top Mobile App Marketing Events 2023

Mobile app advertising is a rapidly evolving industry, and staying with the latest trends and technologies is critical to the success of all digital marketers. Attending international marketing events is a great way to stay alongside of the latest developments in the field, network with colleagues and gain valuable knowledge and experience. Mobio Group’s experience confirms the value of such meetings.

Attending International Events Helps in Solving the Following Tasks:

  • To stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the mobile app advertising industry. Such events often feature presentations, discussions, and seminars on new technologies, industry trends, and best practices. By attending these meetings, teams learn about the latest tools and strategies that help create effective mobile app advertising campaigns.
  • Network with colleagues from all over the world. These events bring together professionals from different countries and different areas of digital marketing, creating a valuable platform for exchanging ideas, knowledge and building relationships. Networking with peers can lead to new business opportunities, partnerships and collaborations.
  • Gain valuable knowledge about different market cultures. Understanding different cultural nuances and market trends can be crucial when developing mobile app advertising campaigns for clients from different regions. This is especially important if a company is represented in different GEOs like our agency. By attending international conferences, employees gain a deeper understanding of the local market and cultural context to create more effective and targeted advertising campaigns.
  • Develop new skills and knowledge at seminars and training sessions at international events on topics such as mobile app design, user experience, advertising campaign analytics, and more.

Choosing the right event can be a critical decision that can affect the success of a company’s growth. Therefore, there are some factors to consider when choosing an event to attend:

⦿ Industry Relevance

It is important to choose an event that is relevant to your industry. Attending conferences that are not relevant to your market segment may not attract the right audience and may not produce the desired results.

⦿ Size of the Event

The size of the meeting can be an important factor in choosing an event. A larger event may attract more partners, while smaller meetings may not have much impact.

⦿ Networking Opportunities

Choose events that offer networking opportunities that are valuable for building relationships and partnerships and communicating with other attendees.

⦿ Marketing Opportunity

Consider whether the event will provide an opportunity to exhibit or speak at a conference, distribute marketing materials or distribute promotional items.

⦿ Budget

Attending events can be expensive, so it’s important to choose one that fits into your budget.

We have compiled an up-to-date list of international events with brief characteristics that we think you would want to attend if your company is set on growing its digital marketing business.

Mobile App Marketing Events Worldwide

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Top Mobile App Marketing Events US

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Top Mobile App Events in April 2023

⦿ EU Startups Summit 2023

EU Startups Summit is a meeting place for the most promising European startups and investors. The event will bring together more than 2,000 founders, startup enthusiasts, corporations, investors, venture funds and media from all over Europe. The event is a great networking opportunity with a dedicated networking app, and a meeting place for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors looking to build international tech companies.

Date: April 20 — 21
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Cost: €165 — €600

⦿ TechChill Riga 2023

TechChill Riga — this event annually gathers 2000+ participants, including the fastest-growing startups, the most innovative companies, investors active in the region, and talented tech enthusiasts. Each year the spring event is a three-day event packed with workshops and includes 90+ speakers on two stages, a Startup Expo, a Business Expo, a meeting area for 1100+ startups and investors, 15+ additional events, and a legendary afterparty.

Date: April 26 — 28
Location: Riga, Latvia
Cost: €50 — €480

Top Mobile App Events in May 2023

⦿ PODIM 2023

If you are an ambitious startup from the CEE region, PODIM will get your attention by connecting you with motivated global and regional investors, corporations and other established companies looking to make startup deals.

Date: May 15 — 17
Location: Slovenia
Cost: €145 — €600

⦿ Advertising Week 2023

Advertising Week — Brilliant representatives from different brands, agencies, media and technology will meet again to discuss the most important issues shaking and shaping the advertising industry.

Date: May 16 — 18
Location: London, UK
Cost: pre-register

⦿ MAU VEGAS 2023

MAU 2023 — The world’s leading mobile marketing summit will finally take place in Las Vegas in 2023. The community of mobile marketers, brands and app owners will come together to share their knowledge about mobile development. Speakers from well-known companies such as Spotify, Google and Twitter will cover many topics about mobile marketing. What’s more, you can apply to host a session and talk about your experiences!

Date: May 23 — 25
Location: Las Vegas, USA
Cost: $1395 — $1895

Top Mobile App Events in June 2023

⦿ WN Conference Istanbul 2023

WN Conference Istanbul — WN conference brings together industry representatives from around the world to discuss key trends about gaming. Attending this meeting is a great opportunity to network and expand your horizons, find publishers, investors or new partners, create or strengthen relationships with platforms and game engines, get professional feedback from industry experts to enhance your business and help it reach a wider audience.

Date: June 7 — 8
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Cost: $300 — $700

⦿ London Tech Week 2023

London Tech Week is a citywide celebration of technology, bringing together the most innovative minds and talents in a week-long festival.

Date: June 12 — 16
Location: London, UK
Cost: invite-only

⦿ Viva Tech 2023

Viva Tech — event offers meetings with the biggest players of tech industry, deep dive into the hottest trends of the industry, discover innovations, new software and promising startups from early-stage to unicorns & centaurs. Speakers: Emmanuel Macron, President of France; Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder & CEO; Margrethe Vestager, European Commission – Commissioner for Competition; Tim Cook, Apple CEO and others.

Date: June 14 — 17
Location: France, Paris
Cost: €210 — €620

⦿ Marketing 2.0 Conference Dubai 2023

Marketing 2.0 Conference Dubai — top leaders will take the stage to talk about the vital topics, the latest developments and solutions to today’s marketing challenges which will deliver exceptional business growth.

Date: June 19 — 21
Location: Dubai
Cost: $2000

⦿ Growth Marketing Summit 2023

Growth Marketing Summit 2023 is Europe’s largest digital growth and optimization conference, bringing together like-minded optimizers from around the world. If you want to discuss the topics that are driving the digital world and hear from world-class speakers, this is the conference to attend.

Date: June 22
Location: Germany
Cost: €600

⦿ Silicon Valley 2023 Venture Capital World Summit

Silicon Valley 2023 Venture Capital World Summit is an opportunity for more entrepreneurs to raise capital and expertise to expand and grow internationally, backed by a strong network of investors.

Date: June 23
Location: San Francisco, USA
Cost: $400

Top Mobile App Events in July 2023

⦿ TECHSPO Silicon Valley 2023 Technology Expo (Internet ~ Mobile ~ AdTech)

Why attend TECHSPO Silicon Valley 2023 Technology Expo (Internet ~ Mobile ~ AdTech):

  • Get to know the exhibitors showcasing the next generation of technology and innovation.
  • Be inspired, surprised and learn how these emerging technologies will impact your business for greater growth.
  • Network with technology enthusiasts, build your network and reconnect with your peers.

Date: July 10 — 11
Location: San Francisco, USA
Cost: $0 — $500

⦿ Marketing 2.0 Conference USA 2023

Marketing 2.0 Conference USA – At this Las Vegas event, you’ll learn about trends in content marketing, B2B marketing, new MarTech tools, effective digital strategies, the evolution of advertising and much, much more.

Date: July 10 — 11
Location: Las Vegas, USA
Cost: $2,000

⦿ Affiliate World Barcelona 2023

Affiliate World Barcelona is where the world’s leading affiliate marketers and eCommerce entrepreneurs meet. Speakers and attendees will discuss the fastest-growing social platforms of 2023, present content from effective and thought leaders in the industry, data-driven insights, and innovative ideas in affiliate marketing, e-commerce, digital agencies, and more.

Date: July 12 — 13
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Cost: €619 — €919

⦿ Affiliate Summit East 2023

Affiliate Summit East – If you’re involved in advertising, e-commerce, selling and/or buying online, this is the meeting for you. In a very short, intensive period of time the summit will provide you with a wealth of information on the latest effective solutions and the latest developments in the digital marketplace.

Date: July 31 — Aug 1
Location: New York, USA
Cost: $300

Top Mobile App Events in September 2023

⦿ Inbound 2023

Inbound is an annual event hosted by HubSpot that brings together thought leaders from more than 160 countries in marketing, sales, customer success and revenue operations. The conference focuses on virtually every area of digital marketing and is a great place to learn about the latest trends in the marketing business from peers and competitors.

Date: September 5 — 8
Location: Boston, USA
Cost: $1000

⦿ Revenue Marketing Summit 2023

In September 2023, the Revenue Marketing Alliance will bring together marketers from across San Francisco for the Revenue Marketing Summit, featuring companies from start-ups to world-renowned businesses.

Date: September 13 — 14
Location: San Francisco, USA
Cost: $800

⦿ Techcrunch Disrupt 2023

Techcrunch Disrupt is the largest conference for startups – year after year it remains relevant, meaningful and focused on founders, investors and the future of technology. Whether you’re a newcomer, exploring startups, or an experienced investor, Disrupt will give you the tools, knowledge, and connections to help you get what you want done.

Date: September 19 — 21
Location: San Francisco, USA
Cost: $249

⦿ DMEXPO 2023

DMEXPO is 770+ speakers, 200+ hours of program. Europe’s leading digital marketing and technology event. A meeting place and community for key players in digital business, marketing and innovation. It brings together industry leaders, marketing professionals and media.

Date: September 20 — 21
Location: Germany
Cost: To be confirmed

⦿ App promotion Summit SF

App promotion Summit SF – The event program will cover all aspects of subscription app marketing across the entire funnel with a focus on acquisition, activation, monetization and retention.

Date: September 28
Location: San Francisco, USA
Cost: $2500

Top Mobile App Events in October 2023

⦿ LavaCon 2023

LavaCon is a gathering place for content professionals where more than 600 face-to-face and virtual speakers, sponsors and attendees network, share ideas on content strategy and user experience using the latest technology.

Date: October 14 — 18
Location: San Diego, USA
Cost: $1300

Top Mobile App Events in November 2023

⦿ DMIEXPO 2023

DMIEXPO is a conference and trade show that brings leading affiliate marketers and digital marketing experts together in one amazing event!

Date: November 5 — 6
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Cost: to be specified

⦿ Web Summit 2023

Web Summit is Europe’s largest web event covering many topics, including the mobile industry. Expect to meet and network with thousands of experts and technology gurus. It’s a great opportunity to learn about upcoming digital and tech trends.

Date: November 13 — 16
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Cost: to be specified

⦿ WN Conference

WN Conference Tel Aviv — the event includes local and online developers’ showcase where more than 150 game projects are scheduled. The main topics to be discussed are investments, game publishing, talent management, game analytics and web games. It is a great opportunity to get access to the emerging markets in the MENA region, meet industry professionals from different regions, exchange ideas and get to know how the game industry is developing all over the world.

Date: November 29 — 30
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Cost: to be specified

⦿ Slush 2023

Slush is an event that creates a global ecosystem for for-profit projects, with over 4,600 startup founders and operators, 2,600 investors and 400 media representatives in attendance. Participation in Slush unlocks the potential for exploring new funding and investment opportunities as well as finding potential customers, users, partners, consultants and mentors.

Date: Nov 30 — Dec 1
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Cost: pre-register

Top Mobile App Events in December 2023

⦿ Startup World Cup Grand Finale 2023

The Startup World Cup Grand Finale 2023 is not only a global conference, but also a big competition, bringing together the best startups, entrepreneurs, executives, and technology companies from around the world. The winner of the Grand Finale will get an investment prize of $1mln. Participants will meet the world’s best startups, get access to new offers from all over the world and communicate with investors and corporate representatives from North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Australia.

Date: Dec 1
Location: San Francisco, USA
Cost: To be confirmed

⦿ Affiliate World Thailand 2023

Affiliate World Thailand is a two-day conference to be held in Bangkok on December 7-8, 2023. Experts will present new ideas, data-driven strategies, and innovative ideas in affiliate marketing and e-commerce marketing.

Date: Dec 7 — 8
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Cost: $564 – $835

Considering the direction of the business, the relevance of the event to the industry, the size of the event, the availability of networking and marketing opportunities, and of course the budget, you can choose the event that fits your company’s goals to bring the results you want.

Our agency Mobio Group hopes for productive meetings with new partners and strengthening of mutually beneficial relations with all Mobile App Events participants. See you soon!

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