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Quality content is a great resource for business promotion, so the demand for effective and creative writing tools is constantly growing. However, amidst the huge number of AI-based copywriting tools available, the question of choosing a quality platform arises. In this article, Mobio Group’s mobile marketing team will look at one of the services for content creation AI writing assistant Rytr, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses, as well as potential applications in marketing.

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Rytr is an AI-powered content generation tool that uses OpenAI’s GPT-3-based language models, refined with proprietary training data and copywriting formulas.

Rytr Functions

Rytr claims to be a multifunctional assistant adapted for different applications:

  • Creating content for blogs and articles — generating their optimal structure, paragraphs, introductions and conclusions.
  • Improving and refining content — expanding sentences and paragraphs, rephrasing to make them more attractive and memorable, summarizing content, improving grammar and readability.
  • Branding and business development — generating business ideas according to given skills, creating names for businesses and launching  presentations.
  • Advertising — creating slogans and high-conversion calls to action (CTAs), Google search ads, marketing copy in PAS format, copywriting in AIDA format for products and services.
  • SEO optimization — generating or extracting keywords and phrases, creating SEO-optimized meta descriptions and headlines.
  • Social media activity — creating ideas for posts, bios for accounts, efficient copy for landing page sections, promotional texts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks
  • Audience interaction — responses to testimonials and posts, enticing notifications and emails to attract customers, memorable product descriptions (including from a bulleted list), newsletter.
  • YouTube channel management — descriptions and ideas for videos to attract subscribers, descriptions for a YouTube video channel.
  • Work and creativity — interview questions for a job interview, interview or podcast, job descriptions or resumes, cover letters for job applications, questions and answers on Quora, AI poetry and song lyrics generator.
  • AI image generation from text description.

Additional Rytr Features

Rytr’s simple interface makes it easy to navigate the platform and utilize additional options as needed:

  • Language selection — Rytr supports over 30 languages
  • Choosing content tone — 22 options (humorous, humble, reverent, casual, assertive, etc.)
  • Creating multiple answers (up to 3) simultaneously
  • Choosing the level of creativity — 6 levels from zero creativity to the maximum
  • Chat for creating content in dialog mode
  • Saving material into a document with the possibility of further editing, history
  • Plagiarism checker based on Copyscape
  • Readability assessment (English only)
  • Creating and capturing your own personalized content style
  • Rytr browser extension for Chrome
  • Integration with Semrush for keyword analysis
  • Building your own portfolio
  • Team plan.

Application of Rytr in Marketing

The main purpose of sales content is to encourage the user to become a customer. Sales talk either directly promotes a specific product or service or draws the audience’s attention to it. Rytr’s text generation platform is focused on creating content for both direct sales and to stimulate consumer interest. Possible applications of Rytr in marketing:

Content, text and idea generation

Rytr has enhanced AI models with a proprietary training data layer, incorporating well-known copywriting formulas such as AIDA, PAS and FAB.

Exploring Rytr: Content, text and idea generation

Rytr allows you to work on the generated text (if you choose the most acceptable result up to 300 characters long):

  • Improve — correct grammar and increase readability of the text
  • Paraphrase 
  • Paragraph — generate a paragraph in the selected text
  • Continue — automatically create a logical continuation of the text
  • Expand — automatically increase the length of the selected text
  • Shorten — make the text more concise and understandable
  • Plagiarize — check the selected text for uniqueness

The stated functions “business ideas” or “blog ideas” do not mean that AI content generator Rytr will actually provide suggestions for developing a content plan or promoting a product. Rytr will not offer to run an interesting quiz to engage your audience, theme to seasonal trends, or cover popular events. All ideas suggested by Rytr will be clearly focused on the keywords specified by the user in the description. The tool is not able to provide innovative creative ideas that engage the audience, are related to keywords, but are not in direct correlation.

Content, text and idea generation

The function of creating advertising texts for social networks is quite convenient. The quality of content generation depends directly on the number and proper selection of keywords added to the description of the advertised product. The tool will not be able to create a fundamentally new one, but it can cope with the optimal combination of words and composing successful sentences.

Exploring Rytr: Content generation

Creation of content  within requirements of SEO

Rytr generator’s SEO optimization features are designed to increase the effectiveness of a website or application in search engines through well-crafted meta titles and descriptions. Clients of the SEMrush marketing platform benefit from the integration of these services.

Exploring Rytr: Creation of content  within requirements of SEO

Based on user-entered keywords (up to 100 characters), the tool generates 40 to 60 keywords and related word combinations and up to 6 question sentences. This can make the task of marketers much easier, but for professional use, platforms specialized in keyword analysis will bring more complete and relevant information.

Creation of content

Products and service descriptions and online stores

Captivating and varied product descriptions to attract customers and increase conversions are especially in demand in e-commerce. The tool helps you create an engaging product or service description even based on technical specifications or a bulleted list. Adjusting the tone of the description allows it to be successfully tailored to a specific audience or ad platform, although it is not always successful. An example of humorous tone:

Exploring Rytr: Products and service descriptions and online stores

Calls to Action (CTA) for mobile marketing

CTAs are an integral part of user interaction. The call to action can vary and can be at different stages of the sales funnel. The main goal of a CTA is to increase the number of desired actions with calls to use a button or pop-up window: fill out a form, make a purchase, make a call or click a link. Effective use of CTAs will significantly increase conversion rates and help achieve your goals.

Rytr creates CTAs based on user-entered descriptions (up to 500 characters). But even at a high level of creativity, the results can be quite monotonous:

Exploring Rytr: Calls to Action (CTA) for mobile marketing

Image Generation

Rytr’s image generator works based on the text description entered. Problems with small details, eyes and hands, typical for most AI image generators, are also present in Rytr. But the service plans to integrate with DALL-E, which has much higher image quality.

Exploring Rytr: Image Generation
Exploring Rytr: Process of Image Generation

The cost of using Rytr

The platform has several rates:

  • Free plan. Requires registration. Includes 5 generated images and 10000 credits per month (about 1700 words). In comparison, the posts that rank best have 2000-2500 words (Serpstat).
  • Saver. $9/month. 100,000 characters + 20 images.
  • Unlimited. $29/month.


  1. Is the content generated by Rytr original?

Yes, Rytr generates mostly unique content. However, since the AI writer was trained on web data, sometimes duplicates may occur and texts are better double-checked.

  1. Can I add members of my team to Rytr?

Yes, users can invite their team members via the Team tab under Account. Each additional team seat costs $19/month for the Rytr Unlimited plan and $9/month for the Rytr Saver plan.

  1. Can Rytr Neural Network create site descriptions based on meta titles?

No, this feature is not available at this time. Site descriptions in Rytr plans like DALL-E integration and URL-based summarization.

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