Jiffy is a local digital grocery store that delivers fresh groceries and essentials in minutes.

Industry: ultra-fast food delivery (15 to 30 minutes)

United Kingdom

Tasks from the client: Product development,
increase in traffic volume.
Our client entered the competitive sphere,
while having a number of restrictions. Delivery was possible
to several areas of London, which imposes additional complexity when attracting traffic.
*Download estimates represent the cumulative downloads of 22 food delivery app publishers in the UK between Q1 2018 and Q3 2021
Quarterly downloads of top Grocery Delivery apps
(only delivery and retail network) in UK
We conducted market research using the Sensor Tower. The grocery delivery market in the UK is one of the most developed.
Until 2020, it had leaders with interval delivery of several days (usually, large offline retail chains (ASDA, Tesco Grocery & Clubcard).

2021 turned out to be a turning point in consumer preferences - already by Q3, 3 out of 5 leaders were applications with delivery from 15 minutes:
Getir #2,
Gorillas - Grocery Delivery #4
Zapp - 24/7 Drinks & Groceries #5.

The top 10 also included Weezy:
Food & Grocery Delivery #6
SnappyShopper Grocery Delivery #8.
At the same time, these applications have already covered a significant part of London with their delivery area and went to other major cities in the UK.
Goal: Target / Volume increase / CAC reduction / income increase in mobile application
+5 000
CAC reduction
$24,4 m.
For promotion, we offered channels: Facebook Ads and Google Ads - they have a well-implemented hyperlocal targeting, and the potential audience within this targeting still has a good volume. We used 3 main creative approaches at the start of the advertising campaign.
First stage
At the first stage of initial tests, together with the client, we tested various approaches in creatives and targeting that were basic for the theme.

The complexity of the work was added by the coefficient due to the targeting locale (within such settings, the volume of the available audience decreases, its cost increases). The results were within the planned, but we understood that there was still room for optimization.

To achieve the indicators, we strengthened the team of buyers, assigning several specialists to the project and continued to look for and test various hypotheses
Data: August - December
Received ROI and volume
Selected segments of the target audience
Determined the most effective creative formats
First stage
After leaving the period of initial tests, we increased volumes by more than 300% in 4 months (August-December), while maintaining CAC at values acceptable to the client. On average, we launched 4 new tests per week.
in a week
+4 tests
Second stage
We also launched Web2App tests.
This made it possible to bypass SKAD restrictions when running FB on iOS.
User journey
Web campaign
Mobile website with Smart Banner
App store
Clicks an ad and is sent to the mobile website
Clicks the Smart Banner and is sent to the app store
Downloads the app
Opens the app
Install attributed to web campaign media source
Second stage
Our team developed and created more than 300 creative materials - videos and static banners, including blogger's content to give users relevant experience about the service.
It allowed us to constantly refresh creatives to not only get attention of possible leads, but also keep it at a steady level. As well as testing new hypotheses.
By the right targeting, messaging and catchy creatives we increased conversion and decreased CAC by 20%.
As a result the volume has increased by ~ 700%.
Сreatives developed
CAC reduction
Results of the work
Provided the client with data and buyers for business development
Adapted to the client's KPI and achieved stable growth.
We conducted a market analysis
Successfully completed soft launch
The client is satisfied with the growth rates and entrusts us with the further management of UA. The joint work of our team with the client's team allows us to achieve results in a super competitive market, to bring the application from scratch to significant volumes of a permanent audience.
CAC reduction