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Smarter Marketing: Dicer AI's Precision Campaign Optimization

Modern digital marketing is very difficult. There is a huge list of traffic sources and channels, types of advertising, various KPIs — installs, trials, subscriptions. In addition, the market is huge, with millions of apps and many agencies. The competition is incredible. Advertising is getting more and more expensive. Therefore, optimizing budgets for advertising, tests and creatives is very important. Our main goal is to help our clients run profitable ads and to achieve this goal we at Mobio Group combine the experience of the best marketers and media buyers with modern artificial intelligence technologies. One such tool that is actively used in our work is Dicer AI.

Dicer AI is an automated marketing platform driven by artificial intelligence that allows us to optimize campaigns, find the best creatives and ad sets, and get more insights from creatives.

Using this platform, we can save a lot of time on mundane tasks and focus on what really matters — working on strategy, ideas and hypotheses — the parts where our expertise adds more value.

This approach helps us achieve big and ambitious goals, much bigger than if we used only our resources or only one platform.

What we can do with Dicer AI:

  • Analyze traffic quickly
  • Optimize advertising campaigns and budget spending
  • Get recommendations on creatives
  • Gain additional insights and hypotheses with Dicer AI analytics
  • Select the ideal audience for a product and specific campaigns.

How Dicer AI Works

Dicer AI: How it Works

Dicer AI reports cover the following areas: 

  • Ad texts
  • Images and video
  • Budgeting and targeting.

The structure of the reports for each area is the same:

  • Analysis of the current situation (what’s working, what’s not)
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Suggestions for changing or creating new content.

Advertising Texts

Dicer AI: Advertising Texts

Dicer AI ad copy recommendations are generated based on historical data for your product. This means they can be more accurate than recommendations from other AI tools that are trained on a wider range of data.

Another positive aspect of Dicer AI’s ad text recommendations is that they come with explanations. For example, you may be advised to include a strong emotional appeal and a clear call to action in your ad text. These explanations will help you understand why Dicer AI is making a particular recommendation. Essentially, these explanations boil down to well-known general recommendations for writing promotional text, but they can also help you not to miss certain approaches.

The downside of Dicer AI’s advertisements is that you can’t control the process of how they are created. You can only view the variations that Dicer AI generates and the explanations for them.

Images and Videos

Dicer AI’s recommendations for images and videos are based on both statistical data and the content of the creatives themselves (objects, scene, text, CTAs, etc.). This means that Dicer AI tries to understand which elements of the creative positively or negatively impact performance.

It’s important to be skeptical of the platform’s recommendations for images and videos, as they are based on machine learning. Some of the conclusions that Dicer AI draws may be general or uninformative. However, many of them may prove useful for future development.

Dicer AI also offers ideas for inspiration, which can be a good starting point for creative brainstorming. These ideas are very specific: scene description, objects, overlaying text on images and scene, storyboard, script, hook, call to action, song for videos. However, they may not be specific to your product and may be somewhat formulaic. Therefore, more often than not, adjustments to them are required.

Dicer AI: Images and Videos

As an additional benefit, the generation of a prompt for generating a picture using AI can be noted. This helps visualize the proposed concept, which can speed up communication with the creative team during implementation.

Dicer AI does not yet generate fully finished creatives based on its recommendations, but such functionality is planned for the future.

Budgeting and Targeting

Budgeting and Targeting

Dicer AI’s budgeting and targeting recommendations are based on historical data from your campaigns. In these reports, the platform makes suggestions on how to adjust targeting and budget resources. You can get all the information from these reports (and even more) on your own by deeply analyzing your ad campaigns. And here the main value of Dicer AI is in saving time, because the platform performs all the analysis independently and automatically. It helps to highlight obvious problem areas and points of growth, which means that a full-fledged in-depth UA analysis can be carried out by a specialist not so often.

Dicer AI is also capable of generating targeting recommendations based on the context of your product or service. This means it can make more accurate targeting recommendations than other tools that only use historical data without context.

The overall user experience of the platform is simple and intuitive, with all features easily accessible. The Dicer AI interface is easy to use and the integration process with Facebook Ads Manager is simple and straightforward.

Pros and Cons of Dicer AI


  • Simple and clear interface
  • Easy integration with Meta ads
  • Quick analysis of text, images, video content, targeting and budget efficiency
  • Good support (chat, email, phone)
  • 7-day free trial
  • Help with ad writing
  • Practical advice
  • Comprehensive multimodal analysis
  • Audio nuance analysis
  • Thorough frame-by-frame video analysis
  • In-depth analysis of demographics and geo-targeting
  • Reducing CPA with predictive settings
  • Instant conclusions and recommendations.


  • Lack of API service (but planned for the future)
  • Support for English text only
  • Restriction on minimum advertising budget
  • Few marketing tools compatible with it so far
  • Can’t help but capture the nuances and emotions of human creativity, relying only on data analysis.

Paying for the Platform

Dicer AI, offers a free 7-day trial and two paid plans Pro and Custom.

The Pro tariff includes the following features:

  • Meta ads integration
  • Video analysis
  • Image analysis and DALL-E 3 generation
  • Ad text analysis and generation
  • Targeting and budgeting analysis
  • Recommendations for creating new creatives
  • Generative audiences
  • Weekly practical recommendations
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Integration with Google Ads and Slack is also announced for November 2023.

The cost of the tariff depends on the size of the advertising budget and starts at $99 per month with an advertising budget limit of $5,000 per month. The maximum cost is $1149 per month with an advertising budget of $250,000. 

The Custom tariff offers all the features of the Pro tariff, but without the restrictions. In addition:

  • Onboarding
  • Help with technical setting up
  • Premium support
  • Dedicated agent

Payment for this tariff is approved individually.


Dicer AI is not a full-fledged replacement for a human manager. A manager is still needed to build strategies, hypotheses and roadmaps, select the best channels to focus on, make changes to campaigns and make final decisions based on the tool’s recommendations and their own experience.

Rather, the platform should be seen as an assistant whose main value lies in automating data collection and analysis, saving advertising managers a significant amount of time and effort. And this value increases dramatically as campaigns scale and the amount of data available increases.

The platform cannot scale a product without the right strategy, hypothesis testing, and reliance on market expertise, competitors, and past projects in a similar niche, but together we can find the best assets, reallocate budget to improve efficiency, target high ROI demographics, create better strategies, and test hypotheses at low cost,  thanks to this instant data.

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