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For over 10 years, Mobio Group helps startups and scale-up businesses grow their Revenue and Conversions 10x faster with an ROI-driven approach.

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Our mobile growth team helps to find the best growth solution, build a predictable growth and scale up with key 7 services.

Growth Lab via AARRR & HADI Approach

AARRR Framework

At Growth Lab, we prioritize the AARRR framework, which outlines the crucial steps for successful growth: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue.

HADI-cycle Approach

At Growth Lab, we base our strategy on the HADI cycle, which stands for Hypothesis formulation, Action execution, Data acquisition, and Insight derivation.

Growth Lab’s Holistic View

Our Growth Lab offers a comprehensive approach to growth that combines UA, ASO, Growth consulting, and other tools.

User Acquisition

Amplify Your Reach

We strategically tap into crucial markets, optimize budgets, and drive relevant traffic.

Partnership with Giants

We’re hand in hand with industry leaders such as Facebook, Google, TikTok, Apple, and Petal Ads.

Convert, Grow, Repeat

With our industry insight and cutting-edge tools, we help you achieve higher conversions and substantial revenue growth.

App Store Optimization

Top the Charts

Raise your app to the top of the rankings in the App Store and Google Play!

Holistic Optimization

From engaging visuals to optimized keywords and active reputation management, we ensure your app stands out.

Feedback-Driven Growth

We listen, iterate, and ensure your app’s journey toward the top is feedback-fueled.

Creatives Production

Storytelling that Resonates

From static banners to interactive playable, our creatives breathe life into your brand story.

Tested and Optimized

Every creative is rigorously tested to resonate with your target audience.

Award-Winning Quality

Our creatives are celebrated at global platforms like Effie, Awwwards, and Silver Mercury.

Audit & Consulting

Product Market Fit

We conduct market and competitor analysis, advise on product positioning, and explore growth opportunities.

Analytics Review

We audit MMP and product analytics, assess event tracking efficiency, and review unit economics.

UA Consulting and Audit

We offer a thorough review of user acquisition campaigns, optimizing performance metrics, targeting, and ad creatives.

Mobile Retargeting

Engage, Don’t Intrude

Our own proprietary Getloyal system re-engages your users without intruding.

Personalized Creatives

Tailored messaging for different audience segments ensures higher engagement.

Seamless Integrations

Real-time audience updates on platforms like AppsFlyer, Adjust, and MyTracker ensures timely engagement.

In-App Advertising with Feedwise

Targeted Engagement

Drive relevant users to your app, ensuring meaningful interactions and higher conversions.

Intelligent Advertising with Feedwise

Benefit from our AI-driven platform’s fraud protection and traffic optimization.

Global Outreach

Our CPI/CPA network opens your app to a world of potential users.

Success Stories

Check out what results our clients achieve with our energy and purpose to increase their ROI

Mobile Marketing Agency case: AliExpress


$24,4M in 2 days

Mobile Marketing Agency case: Jiffy


700% volume

Mobile Marketing Agency case: Herocraft


>204% ROAS

Mobile Marketing Agency case: Burger King

Burger King

1.5M new users

Mobile Marketing Agency case: Clear Minds

Clear Minds

37% conversion

Our Awards


Sergey Konovalov

The Mobio Group developed comprehensive approach to client’s challenges. Our main goal is to lead up to the desired revenue and scale-up using our 10 years of experience in mobile app growth

Founder & CEO Mobio Group

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