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Advertising, Content, Branding: Suno AI is a Music Assistant

Tired of hackneyed tracks in advertising and social media? Looking for free and unique tunes to enhance your content and brand awareness? Dozens of AI-based music generators offer their services. It’s difficult for marketers to navigate the sheer number of tool offerings. Testing each one is time-consuming. The Mobio Group team helps make sense of it: we pick the most effective tools for your marketing goals so you can focus on your tasks. In this article, we’ll take a look at Suno — a neural network for music creation, and how it can be used to promote products and services.

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Suno AI is being called the musical ChatGPT. Suno’s neural network uses artificial intelligence to create instrumental tracks, vocals and complete musical compositions based on text requests in seconds. The platform was launched in 2023 in partnership with Microsoft, and the tunes and songs created with it have already swirled across social networks.

No specific musical knowledge is required to use Suno. With a free account in the new AI Suno V3, anyone can create full two-minute songs or instrumental melodies.

What You Can Do with Suno AI

Explore different styles of music

The Explore section contains a huge collection of styles — from ambient dub bachata and dark drum’n’bass to glitch-hop and shoegaze. Listening will help you decide on the genre of your future composition.

Explore other people’s tracks

Suno’s “Home” and “Community” sections contain other users’ tracks, with prompts and lyrics. You can place a track you like in your library in a playlist or mark it with a like. 

➲ Create instrumental music

Based on the entered query, in which you can list the genre of the melody to be created, the theme, tempo, instruments or mood, Suno generates a 2-minute musical composition without words. A query in English is much more accurate than in any other language. Tracks can be added to a playlist, linked to, saved as audio in mp3 or as video in mp4, but the artwork that Suno automatically generates is static.

➲ Create a song

Song creation in Suno happens when the “User Mode” key is active. The generator offers the “Song Text” field for entering poems or non-rhyming content — even a sad track with software licensing lyrics will do. If you lack ideas or a talent for poetry, you can enlist Suno’s help — the platform will write the lyrics for the song itself, guided by prompts entered by the user. For now, Suno has no label licenses, so requesting music in the style of a particular artist is not possible. 

When you follow the link, the finished track can be used as a karaoke song — the words are highlighted at the right moment.

How to Use Suno for Marketing

How to Use Suno for Marketing

Music makes it much easier for marketers to connect with audiences on an emotional level, stand out from competitors, and increase conversion rates. The main points of application of unique songs generated by Suno neural network:

· Advertisements

84% of the world’s advertising contains music. It helps to better remember the advertising message and motivates people to buy. Soundtracks and music effects are used to complement visuals and enhance emotional impact. The cost of purchased music for advertising can be high ($500,000 for the audio track “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC for the Varsity Blues video). 

· Social media content

Music videos, stories, or live streams with musical accompaniment generate attention and increase engagement. 

· Events

Music for online and offline events that matches the theme and format creates the right atmosphere. 

· Accompanying the customer on the line

Incorporating music on the waiting line can help hold a customer’s attention and improve the quality of the interaction.

· In-app retention

The right background music can create a pleasant atmosphere in the app and increase user engagement. With accent music, gaming events can increase player motivation and become more immersive, training videos more interesting, and fitness apps more engaging.

· Audio branding

Music compositions serve to create a cohesive audio experience that reflects a brand’s personality. Brand recognition largely depends on the selected musical accompaniment, jingles and samples that gently convey a reminder of the company to the customer (e.g. Coca-Cola’s “Holidays Are Coming”). Suno can be used to create a unique and memorable sound identity of a company that will become its business card, or to refresh the brand perception by making an up-to-date remix of an outdated audio branding.

Example: Several variations on the lyrics of the Coca-Cola Christmas commercial song.

Suno Music Rights

Suno Music Rights

Using music in an advertisement or podcast can greatly enhance the effect of the content. However, the legal use of music is always closely tied to the issue of copyright. There are currently 2 main ways to get the right track: buying music or downloading from free stockists, which don’t always guarantee Creative Commons licensing. See our Copyright series for more details (part 1, part 2).

In the Suno neural network, at the free usage rate, the ownership of the created music tracks is retained by the platform. However, the user can use both self-created songs and tracks taken from the library for non-commercial purposes, i.e. not for financial gain.

When subscribing to Suno’s paid plans, the generated music can be used for commercial purposes and generate revenue from it. This includes monetizing on sites like YouTube or uploading songs to music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. It also includes licensing created songs for use in commercials, movies, TV shows or podcasts.

Suno Tariff Plans

Suno Tariff Plans

Basic Plan — Free. 50 credits per day (5 requests*2 track choices = 10 songs/day), credits are updated daily. For non-commercial use only.

Pro Plan — $8/month. 2,500 credits (250 requests*2 track variants = 500 songs), credits are updated monthly. Commercial use of tracks is allowed.

Premier Plan — $24/month. 10,000 credits, (1,000 requests*2 track variants = 2,000 songs), credits are updated monthly. Commercial use of tracks is allowed.

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