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Beyond the Description: Practical Insights into Dezgo Image Generation

With the explosive growth of AI tools, it’s difficult to distinguish useful tools from unnecessary ones. And users, from individuals to marketers and designers, often face the daunting task of sifting through new technologies. Realizing that this process is time-consuming, our Mobio Group mobile marketing team examines the practical aspects of AI tools functionality through comprehensive reviews and demonstrates real-world results of their use. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about the suitability of these tools for your specific goals and objectives.

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Dezgo is an AI tool based on Stable Diffusion for generating and editing images using text prompts and source images. The tool is completely free to use. The free version allows you to generate unlimited images without the need to register an account, but it has some limitations, such as the generation speed and image resolution, the choice of available generation models and the ability to use some advanced settings. To unlock additional features and get unlimited access, you can switch to the premium “Power Mode”. The premium version works on a pay-as-you-go model and offers additional features, including a “History” function for easy retrieval of previous image requests.

Features of Dezgo

This tool offers several generation modes: 

  • Text-to-image — generation of image by text description only.
  • Controlled Text-to-image — generating an image according to the text description, taking into account the structure of the specified image.
  • Image-to-image — editing of an existing image according to the specified text description.
  • Upscale — zooming of the image by 2 times.
  • Inpainting from text — replacing a part of the image using two text hints: specifying the object to be replaced and the description of the final image.
  • Edit image with instructions — edit image with text instructions.
  • Text-to-video — only available in BETA mode on the Discord server for now.

In addition to the text description of the image, you can choose the generation model: in the free version there are 24 of them, in the premium mode — 79.

In additional settings you can choose the image orientation: portrait, square, landscape. You can set a negative hint, i.e. describe what you don’t want to see in the generated image. The Guidance field regulates how much AI will try to match the text hint when generating the image.

Pros of the tool:

  • Free to use
  • Presence of negative hint
  • Ability to select the orientation of the image
  • Quite simple and clear interface
  • Creative ML Open RAIL-M license — no restrictions on the use of images.


  • 1 image per 1 request (when “Power Mode” is connected, 4 image variants are given per one request).

Test Results

Dezgo Image Generation: Test Results
Dezgo Image Generation: Test Results
Dezgo Image Generation: Test Results
Test Results

As can be seen from the test results, Dezgo currently does not cope well with generating realistic images or images with people. Quite often objects specified in the text description are absent in the generated image, while objects specified in the negative hint appear in the image. If we do not require realistic and detailed images and do not overload the description, we can get acceptable results.

Use in Marketing

The tool can be used to create advertising creatives, article banners and social media banners if high detail or specific objects are not required.

Good for quickly generating rough visual content that can later be handed over to a designer for processing.

FAQs about Dezgo AI Image Generator:

1. Can I use Dezgo for free?

Yes, Dezgo is a free AI generator with a free version that allows you to generate unlimited images without an account. However, the functions of generation speed, image resolution, generation models and advanced settings will be limited.

2. What are the additional features of dezgo AI site’s premium “Power Mode”?

Dezgo’s premium “Power Mode” AI image generator  works on a pay-as-you-use model. The main advantages are saving the history of generated images, fast generation, 4 image variants per request.

3. What are the main modes of dezgo AI generation?

Dezgo offers several image generation modes, of which the main ones are “Text-to-image”, “Image-to-image”, “Upscale”. 

4. Is it possible to change scale or orientation of images in the AI generator Dezgo?

Yes, it is possible to adjust the image orientation (portrait, square, landscape) and scale (maximum 2 times).

5. Is it possible to use AI generated images for commercial purposes?

Yes, Dezgo does not impose any restrictions on the use of images.

6. Can Dezgo generate realistic images with people?

Judging from the test results, using Dezgo, one may encounter problems in generating realistic images. Interior and landscape scenery are better with this AI generator.

7. Can Dezgo be used in marketing?

It is possible to use it as a background for banners, when you don’t need high detail or specific objects. For today it is a fast free AI tool for creating rough visual content, which most likely will require revision by a designer.

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