traffic platform

Automated optimization, smart traffic purchase algorithms empowered by antifraud solutions enable to deliver only high quality traffic to our clients
Optimization based on machine learning enables to reach the advertising campaign's targets.

More than 40 Premium-traffic sources from around the world: SDK, DSP, in-app, native and others.

Woldwide traffic:
RU - 125k+ installs monthly
US - 25k+ installs monthly
SA - 12+ installs monthly
KR - 9k+ installs monthly
Other countries - 70k+ installs monthly overall!
Fraud Protection
API Scanner is a joint effort by Mobio and the antifraud solution FraudScore (fraudscore.mobi).

The system fights mobile ad fraud using Machine Learning and automatically blocking suspicious sources.

Case Studies
Attracting a significant volume of existing Megafon subscribers to the application and making them fill in the subscription form
Within three months FeedWise managed to increase the volumes by 147% from the initial position, keeping the quality level higher than it was required. The percent of attracted users who have subscribed reached 17%.

iOS 9.0+, Android 4.3+
MegaFon subsribers
In cooperation with Blondinka.ru
Attracting the biggest possible number of customers within the limits of the client's budget
15 000+ app installs with overfulfillment of KPIs by 200%. The ratio of purchases to installations was more than 10% during the first month
iOS 9.0+
40 000+ users and 42 000+ orders under the strict KPIs requirement of high traffic quality
Attracting active users to the mobile
iOS 9.0+
Since October 2018 Feedwise attracted around 60 thousand new users, 10% of which successfully registered in the app and became acting drivers. Loyal user rate among the ones who installed the app is aroung 40% which is considered as a good result according to Appsflyer standarts.
This data tells us that FeedWise made a successful source optimisation working via CPA model — which allowed the campaign to reach high results while the client didn't have to worry about paying for 'empty' installs. Our team took all the risks and achieved success thanks to long-term experience and advanced technological solutions

CPA — action being full registration with documents, approved by Delimobil team
Russia: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg,
Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Samara, Grozny,
Novosibirsk, Krasnodar
Attracting active paying users to the mobile
FeedWise exceeded KPI 2 times already at the beginning of the ad campaign. Within 3 months, the volume of installations increased by 6 times, while maintaining high quality
iOS 9.0+
Mobio team are highly responsive, highly deducted which expressed by their professionalism: optimization every day, block subsources fast, regularly send wishlists, follow caps, control CR, and most important good people - which are really nice to talk with and to make business with.
Thanks for Mobio's support all the time, you are so nice and help me a lot since we work together, i remember the first time we made the call and you gave me so many advices on optimising the account, and also remember the first time that i visited your company and the warm welcome i received. and you always make optimise of the offers and the sub-sources on time, and very quick respond.
It is a pleasure working with all these Mobio's amazing people more than a year. Always willing to help with 100% reliability and excellent professional behavior! Thank you for everything!
We know Mobio as a very reliable partner we can trust any time in any case. Every month they show a high level of professionalism and overall support. We respect them for constant growth and technological development. It's a great pleasure to keep working and making a significant income with them.
Mobio is one of our most trustworthy partners with loyal managers, interesting technologies and interesting offers. They are always open to help with anything in a friendly and professional way. It's always nice to make business with them!
Let's work together!