User Acquisition

We are your partner for launching, scaling and managing purchases from the largest traffic sources. And of course we take responsibility for fulfilling the performance goals.
Focusing on the essentials
90% of tasks in mobile are solved using these ad systems
We help
We scale your campaigns, increase traffic and attract new users to ensure stable revenue growth every day
To increase revenue
We develop your business and bring it to new markets, countries and regions using modern geo-targeting tools
To conquer new markets
We have learned to work in a constantly changing market, which means that tomorrow your campaigns will be better than yesterday
Not to lose dynamics
The uniqueness of our approach
Working with Mobio, the client receives a full-fledged ecosystem of advertising channels that work effectively in conjunction and achieve maximum effect.
We create synergy from channels individually for each task. A detailed study of the customer's target audience allows us to accurately determine the patterns of behavior and, thereby, build the user path to the target action.

Sources that we connect:
Working with all Facebook strategies, including manual bid management under the close supervision of the best specialists

Automation of advertising campaigns using auto rules and macros
Deep targeting settings broken down by interests and behavior patterns, working with big data about target audience from open sources

Over 100 A / B tests for each campaign

Adaptation of the best foreign practices in the realities of the client's current tasks
We have access to all the advanced targeting technologies of TikTok even before the official release
We target people who have interacted with the application at least once, regardless of the site and source

We work with personal accounts of stars and bloggers
We work successfully with WEB and APP

We know all the fine tuning tools
We are not afraid to work with rates manually. We achieve excellent results in the most difficult cases
Confirmed expertise
2022 г.
Best Mobile Marketing Agency
2020 г.
Fastest growing media source in Eastern Europe
2020 г.
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