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tl;dv: AI Tool for Recording, Transcribing and Analyzing Business Negotiations

Having productive working time and effective communication both between employees and in CRM (customer relationship management) is an important part of success. AI-based services are a great help in improving team productivity. However, given the abundance of AI-based solutions flooding the market, finding the right tool to optimize processes can be a challenge. Our Mobio Group team aims to simplify this selection process by providing unbiased information about AI-based platforms.

In this article, Mobio Group team take a look at one such tool for transcribing meetings, creating summaries and archiving them in one place, tl;dv, and its potential to improve business communications.

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The demand for optimizing communications and increasing productivity is as high as ever. Emerging AI services offer various end-to-end solutions to increase productivity in team collaboration, speeding up and facilitating many workflows. One such tool is the free online conversation recorder — tl;dv.

tl;dv is an artificial intelligence-based service that helps you record, transcribe, analyze calls, meetings, customer communications, and share these meetings on Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. It stands for tl;dv as “Too Long; Didn’t View”.


Main Functions of tl;dv

  • Record meetings and other meetings held in Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom

The service supports recording of audio and video content (work meetings, calls, meetings, contacts with clients), capturing them from beginning to end. The clarity and completeness of the processed and saved material is ensured by high quality recording.

Record meetings
  • Transcription (transcribing) 

Automatically transcribe and translate meeting recordings into text in 30+ languages through AI algorithms, providing instant access to the transcribed text along with the meeting recording.

Transcription (transcribing) 
  • Summarizing

tl;dv compiles and summarizes key points of online-meetings. Using artificial intelligence, the service identifies and extracts important topics and discussions, generates concise summaries to highlight valuable information, thus reducing the content of negotiations to key points and conclusions.

  • Editing

tl;dv enhances the usability and relevance of online meeting recordings for different audiences by offering users the ability to edit rally recordings. The editing function (trimming the recording, removing unnecessary content) facilitates the creation of shorter clips focusing on specific topics or discussions without unnecessary information.

  • Repository

The tl;dv service serves as a centralized repository for the results of UX research, interviews or the outcomes of internal team talks. The ability to mark certain marks on the stored material makes it easily accessible, and the search and analysis of the necessary information — convenient.

tl;dv Integration 

Zapier’s seamless integration of tl;dv with popular collaboration platforms and CRM systems ensures direct sharing of call recordings and analytics within existing workflows. The service offers connectivity to 5000+ applications (project management tools, video conferencing platforms, dialers, calendars and more). 

  • Integration with collaboration tools

The platform enables seamless information sharing through integration and access to meeting and conversation content in familiar collaboration platforms such as Slack, Notion, Miro,, Jira and others.

  • Integration with CRM platforms

tl;dv expands and enhances customer profiles with information gleaned from meeting and interaction records. The service optimizes customer relationship management by providing contextual information and integrating that information into CRM systems such as Salesforce, HubSpot, NetHunt CRM, Zoho, Agile CRM and others.

Use Cases for tl;dv

Customer Relationship Management

tl;dv serves as a platform for collecting, organizing and analyzing customer relationships, including through integration with CRM systems, keeping a record and transcript of all online contacts/negotiations and facilitating the tagging and categorization of these interactions.

Optimization of communications in work processes

The service streamlines communication and information sharing by providing easy access to recordings, transcripts and summaries of workflow meetings across multiple communication channels and platforms to all stakeholders.

Customize personalized notifications

The platform facilitates timely and proactive communication and coordination by notifying colleagues of relevant updates and actions, meeting recordings and analytics events. Notifications can be configured to view recorded materials or flag specific moments. 

Setting up asynchronous operation of the company

tl;dv supports asynchronous collaboration by providing access to audio and video to all team members, despite barriers due to geographical distances and time zone differences. This option improves productivity and efficiency by freeing up time and resources that would otherwise be spent in synchronous meetings, which is relevant for flexible work schedules and remote collaboration.

Pros of tl;dv

  • Available free of charge 
  • 30+ languages
  • User-friendly interface with intuitive navigation and controls
  • Increases productivity: reduces dependence on live participation in meetings by allowing you to follow meetings at your convenience. Simplifies information access and retrieval with stored audio, video and summarized data
  • Saves time and resources: minimize manual effort spent on work tasks by automating processes with artificial intelligence: transcribing, summarizing, summarizing and extracting key insights from content, creating analytics
  • Customizable sharing options
  • Note personalization, custom AI prompts/chat, smart filters, keyword tracking, side meetings.

tl;dv Cons

  • Integration not with all platforms, especially Russian platforms (e.g. Aspro.Cloud, Simple Business, RosBusinessSoft, CRM Pack, Batchbook, EnvyCRM)
  • CRM integrations only on paid option
  • No deletion of word-inserts
  • Data storage time limit
  • Doesn’t quite get the meeting summary right.
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