Detailed Review of Mobio Group’s MarTech Stack

Detailed Review of Mobio Group's MarTech Stack

In today’s competitive marketplace, the use of technology in marketing is no longer optional, it’s essential. With the right tools and platforms, companies can optimize operations, gain valuable insights, and improve the customer experience. By harnessing the power of technology, marketing efforts can be optimized and workflows can be automated, allowing your team to focus on the important tasks and drive business growth.

In this article, Mobio Group mobile marketing team will tell you which technology platforms are most actively used at our agency.

Mobio Group’s MarTech Stack

It’s worth noting right away that there are no perfect or one-size-fits-all stacks. Each company has a unique technology map that meets its needs. And this map is constantly changing as the company develops and as new technological solutions emerge.

Today, Mobio Group’s marketing technology stack looks like this:

Mobio Group's MarTech Stack

Traffic Sources

Mobio Group's MarTech Stack: Traffic Sources

Speaking about traffic sources, first of all we mean the main advertising platforms, such as: Google Ads, Apple Search Ads, TikTok Ads, Moloco. We won’t dwell on them because they have widespread recognition. Our review of the top media sources on AppsFlyer’s 16th Edition Performance Index can be viewed here.

Let’s tell you what other platforms we use:

· Chartboost

A platform for programmatic advertising and monetization of mobile games in apps. Chartboost SDK allows you to monetize mobile apps and connect advertisers to global app resources.


An advertising platform for attracting new users to mobile apps and retargeting. Hybe acts as a DSP in a programmatic advertising ecosystem based on the OpenRTB protocol. This protocol was developed by the IAB and allows mobile app developers to buy ad impressions in other mobile apps by bidding in real-time for their ad spots.

· Vungle

A global ad network providing monetization opportunities for In-app traffic with a wide range of payment models and ad formats (as part of the merger with Liftoff, all Vungle products, services and accounts are available at 

· Mintegral

A programmatic, interactive and artificial intelligence-driven Chinese advertising platform with a wide geographic range of integrations with over 3,000 mobile app developers from around the world. The service supports a wide variety of ad formats from banners to rewarded ads. Helps publishers find the best buyer for each display with lower risk and higher ROI. The platform serves over 600 million impressions daily.

· Unity Ads

A platform with a huge global audience for advertising mobile games and apps, created by the developer of the popular Unity Technologies engine. Unity Ads offers large volumes of various traffic for successful operation and diversification of traffic sources. 

· Xapads

International programmatic platform with AI. Within it works Xerxes platform for self-promotion of Android apps on Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo devices and In-App placements in its own programmatic network. Users through Xapads can open an advertising account on the Mi Ads platform and place ads based on CPI, CPC and CPM models.

· Appnext

A mobile advertising platform with a daily audience of 300 million people that uses behavioral prediction algorithms to increase conversions. The service can be used to promote or monetize apps by displaying native, cross-page or video ads. Algorithms analyze users’ behavior and recommend suitable apps to them. The platform allows publishers to monetize apps via API or SDK integration. Payments are made for installs. Advertisers can participate in the auction (Market), select an app (over 15,000 publishers) and add it to an advertising campaign to promote their software.

Our team also actively uses Avow, Bigo, Glispa, ironSource, Kayzen, RevX, ShareIt, Smadex, Snapchat, Zoomd platforms.

Mobile Measurement Partner (ММР)

Mobio Group's MarTech Stack: MMP

· AppsFlyer

A service for collecting and analyzing data about users of websites and apps, and one of the most popular services for attribution. Google, Apple Search Ads and 6,000 other lesser-known AppsFlyer partners ensure that you can easily collect accurate and detailed customer data from all of these sites. With the data that AppsFlyer collects along with powerful analytics tools, the statistics and effectiveness of advertising campaigns across all channels, both overall as well as specific metrics can be tracked.

· Adjust

A marketing platform for mobile apps. The service collects statistics, helps automate advertising campaigns and ensure cybersecurity, including fraud prevention. Adjust is an official partner of Google, Apple, X (ex. Twitter) and many other corporations. Adjust has separate products for attribution, analytics, audience design, automation and defense. You can also choose comprehensive solutions for gaming, financial applications, e-commerce, and travel booking services.

App Monetization Services

Mobio Group's MarTech Stack: App Monetization Services

· Adapty

Service for working with subscriptions in mobile apps. Allows you to analyze, identify weaknesses, perform A/B testing on Paywalls, work with users of different depth, get information about payments via connected SDK and so on. 

· RevenueCat

Provides a backend and platform for Apple’s StoreKit and Google Play Billing to simplify the implementation and management of in-app purchases and subscriptions — no server maintenance or backend code required. Key features include real-time display of crucial metrics (revenue, inflows and outflows, conversions, lifetime value, number of subscriptions), integration with Apple Search Ads, Google Cloud Intercom, Mixpanel, Segment and other marketing analytics platforms, creating a subscription app and embedding the feature into existing projects.

Analytics Services

Mobio Group's MarTech Stack: Analytics Services

· Amplitude

A product analytics system. With the help of its reports you can analyze user behavior for further product optimization. Part of the code is integrated into each action that needs to be analyzed (clicking on an element, filling out a form), and when a user performs it, the application sends data to Amplitude servers. As a result, the system displays the necessary parameters: action name, time, details needed for analysis.

From Amplitude you can both upload raw data for your own further use and upload converted historical data from databases to the system.

· Mixpanel

A system for analytics and analysis of user behavior. Mixpanel features: sending in-app notifications to your users, user segmentation, deep targeting due to profiles, A/B testing for different notifications, customizing notification design and wording, integrating custom surveys into your apps via Mixpanel Surveys, changing conversions between different events within the same funnel.

· Sensor Tower

Platform for analytics, optimization and promotion of mobile apps for AppStore and Google Play, as well as monitoring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.  It allows you to track the visibility of your app in categories and search, monitor downloads and monetization, evaluate the results of audience acquisition campaigns and positions in AppStore and Google Play in selected countries. The platform collects data on audience volumes attracted from various traffic sources, including advertising platforms. The audience research collects data on user activity in different countries, return rates, visitor demographics and session durations. Information on general market trends is available.


Mobio Group's MarTech Stack: Design

To create banners, creatives, presentations and other design products we use a fairly standard set of tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Figma. To work with 3D and create 2D animations we use Cinema 4D and Blender. The Envato Elements platform often helps in solving design tasks — it is a service containing a huge amount of digital materials, from stock photos and exclusive fonts to WordPress templates and 3D elements, tools for creating layouts, video footage, audio jingles, etc.

App Store Optimization


· AppFollow 

A platform for compiling the semantic core of applications and tracking their positions in AppStore, Google Play. With the help of AppFollow you can analyze the program visibility in stores and select keywords for optimization. The service also allows you to track customer reviews and ratings for mobile applications. It supports integration with Slack, Zendesk and Helpshift.

· Asodesk 

The service provides all the tools and data for a full cycle of ASO, customer support automation and mobile product management in App Store and Google Play. Main functions: competitor app analysis, working with reviews, analyzing app traffic sources, top charts and app store analytics, app metadata management and app position research.

Artificial Intelligence


Of course, we are not left out of the use of artificial intelligence-based tools. We use ChatGPT extensively, for example, to create slogans, texts for advertising campaigns, titles and metadata for articles and posts, social media posts, website descriptions, and to process and analyze large amounts of data. And every day we find new ways to use this tool.

As for image generation, the Mobiogroup team tested the most promising platforms to fulfill the real tasks of our agency and found out that Midjourney is more suitable for creating creatives for advertising, images for blogs and banners. 

Runway AI is another neural network actively used in the agency’s work. It is a tool for generating and editing video, photos, and audio. It is suitable for a number of usage scenarios: video on demand (generating video by neural network using text prompts), video from image, turning a static picture into video, overlaying visual effects on uploaded video, storyboarding, mask creation, and visualization.

Creating a marketing technology stack and upgrading it in a timely manner (from traffic sources and analytics to design and artificial intelligence) is an ongoing process. As your business evolves and new opportunities arise, you need to constantly evaluate and adapt your stack to meet changing needs. By staying on top of new technologies and industry trends you will be able to utilize the most effective tools for marketing success. 

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Valeria Likhach

Head of Marketing Unit

Valeria Likhach is the Head of Marketing at Mobio Group with over eight years of experience in digital marketing. Professional experience in mobile marketing for more than five years. Learn everything about the world of performance marketing with us.

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