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When the main sources of traffic burn out, then in-app traffic comes to the rescue. It is cheaper than the main sources and offers a targeted audience for promotion, removes the risk of fraud and is one of the most popular methods of promoting mobile apps and games worldwide. For advertising agencies in-app platforms are already a fairly well-studied field, but not all advertisers and developers have a clear understanding of the algorithm and sequence of actions in the in-app environment. Specializing in other areas of business and creating their own specific product, advertisers have difficulty understanding the process that should eventually bring revenue. Our team of Mobio Group agency specialists will help you understand this issue using a concrete example of our Feedwise’s own in-app traffic platform. 

Advertising networks accumulate information from potential advertisers and then make it available to potential publishers who make advertising spots available. The networks’ area of control includes communications, transactions, providing traffic channels and inventory for the advertising campaign. Sources of in-app traffic are free apps or trial versions of paid products. The Feedwise platform uses extra sources such as Android and iOS.


An advertising server with a huge amount of data. Using this software, the Feedwise platform securely holds all advertising content and data for storage and placement in mobile applications. Through the Ad Server, information is exchanged between publishers and advertisers. Publishers send a request for creatives, the server selects ads as relevant as possible according to targeting settings and sends them to the publisher.


A publishers’ platform provided for advertising creatives. In other words, it’s the aggregate of all the places to display ads within the app. The Feedwise platform aggregates the inventory of various publishers and makes it available for purchase by advertisers. Mobio Group chooses its partners carefully and only works with reliable publishers. By segmenting the inventory, Feedwise has effective ways to target specific audiences for different ad campaigns. 


A platform for automating the process of selling advertising space. It is a technology that has a direct link to placements, including mobile applications. Thanks to system processors, publishers make platforms available to a wide range of advertisers through automatic auctions.


Analogous to the SSP, where an automated system acquires advertising space for advertisers at a minimum price, taking into account the relevant requirements for the target audience.

DSP independently analyzes the data collected in advance — the requirements for the CA (socio-demographic indicators, behavioral criteria, information on geolocation, the operating system of the phone), the restrictions on the budget and the cost of display or installation, the number of installations). Then they correlate this data with the information from the SSP, which is available in the bidding, and make bids, striving to purchase advertising inventory as cheaply as possible, and select the audience as accurately as possible. The proprietary DSP of our partners allows you to optimize advertising campaigns on several key indicators — CPI (cost per install) and CPA (cost per action). 


Real-time ad buying technology through programmable online auctions. When a potential consumer appears, the RTB system uses an auction platform to process user profile data in milliseconds, and advertisers in exchange for this information return to the exchange the bid they are willing to pay for displaying their creativity. The process happens in real time.  Support for RTB algorithms allows Feedwise to provide advertisers with quality targeting.

We introduced you to the key platforms rather schematically, to simplify the understanding of the algorithm of the advertising campaign. In reality, the whole process is quite complicated. And costly for advertisers, who arrange their own activities with each publisher. Mobile ad networks are intended to coordinate and optimize the interaction of all stakeholders in an advertising campaign. Networks provide a wide range of bidding (buying and selling inventory in real-time), targeting, analytics and optimization services. 

The Feedwise platform, based on Tracemetrix’s own CPI/CPA network with machine learning optimization, has the following functionality to successfully address your creative challenges:

  • Algorithms that speed up the interaction between the client and the platform, allowing you to launch your offer within hours.
  • High-quality selection of sources suitable for your product, analytical algorithms to optimize your traffic.
  • Analysis after the first conversions or targeted actions, optimization and promotion to the top of the funnel by CPI/CPA.
  • Anti-fraud system to prevent fraudulent activities (e.g. intercepting installations), traffic analysis for CTIT index.
  • Automatic rejection of invalid traffic, exclusion of irrelevant applications.
  • KPI analysis to calculate the effectiveness of your campaign.

Our team values partnerships, providing expert support at all stages of promoting your product. Our Feedwise platform includes thousands of publishers from around the world and provides a turnkey in-app traffic buying solution. Contact us and we will prepare a personalized proposal for you to promote your mobile app with in-app advertising. 

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Valeria Likhach is the Head of Marketing at Mobio Group with over eight years of experience in digital marketing. Professional experience in mobile marketing for more than five years. Learn everything about the world of performance marketing with us.

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